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Su mejor aliado de negocios en las relaciones comerciales con La República Popular China.

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SGCHINA is a consulting firm specializing in international trade & logistics between Colombia and the People's Republic of China, founded in 2015 in Bogotá D.C, with the aim of promoting and boosting the commercial activity between the two countries.

Since its foundation, SGCHINA has been in charge of to represent the requirements of each of its clients, efforts & strategies to enter to Chinese market; Also, Smart Gate China is the main listener between Chinese and Colombian companies, who seek to strengthen their commercial relationship and develop new business opportunities.

SGCHINA, has focused further than commercial exchange in the support of cooperation, economy, international affairs, education and culture among Colombia and China.

What do we do?

We offer comprehensive and specialized advice to natural or legal persons, public or private and companies that wish to establish or consolidate trade relations with China.

We facilitate relationship that build business among the two countries, through work tools and information technologies that are at the forefront, allowing the optimization of times and costs in each one of the processes.


About us

Encourage international trade & logistics among Colombia and the People's Republic of China, giving high-quality business consulting services in a timely manner with the right personnel to identify business, investment and commercial exchange opportunities between the two nations.

In the year 2018 SGCHINA will be recognized as a great reference in the commercial integration between the two countries.

SGCHINA is the ideal partner to grow your business, we constantly work in providing specialized services of the highest level and we have extensive experience in the Asian market, which has allowed us to position ourselves as a leading consulting firm.

Our head office is set in Shanghai city, where we take care of all the activities required for the development of your projects.

The consulting firm is supported by a hight network of strategic allies in both Colombia and China.